/*************************************************************************** * DATABASE APPLICATIONS * All content of this script, and scritpts that communicate * with it are all (C) Copyright 2012 by EUnet Simple Web Site Managment * * Anyone found copying/using code, graphics etc from this script * without expressed written permision from Simple Web Site Managment * will be liable to prosecution under EU Copyright law. * Content Managment Systems support@eunet.gr * * WARNING: The scripts on all files in this Data Base operate under certain conditions * unauthorized use or modification could damage your site and database structure * EUnet Simple Web Site Managment IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES CAUSED * BY ANY ANAUTHORIZED USE OF THIS SCRIPT. ***************************************************************************/ //Color allages and setting for ACL Shipping //edit these to customize script $vardata=$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']; $sitedir="http://$vardata"; //site directory $albumdirectory="$sitedir/album/alb_img"; //site directory $enlargepics='click on photos to enlarge'; //Number of entries per page $rootdir53=$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; include "query.php"; $sql567="SELECT * from variables WHERE var_id='1'"; $sql23=mysql_query($sql567); $row11=mysql_fetch_array($sql23); $album_thumb=$row11["album_thumb"]; $album_norm=$row11["album_norm"]; $album_max=$row11["album_max"]; // PHOTO FRAMES $config['PhotoNews'] = "/proimg/"; // Full web path to dir with the php files $config['webdir'] = ""; // Full web path to dir with the php files $config['albumdir'] = "/showpics/"; // Full web path to album dir on webserver $config['fullpath'] = "".$rootdir53."$config[albumdir]"; // Full Unix/Windows path to albumdir $config['fullpath3'] = "".$rootdir53."$config[PhotoNews]"; // Full Unix/Windows path to PhotoNews $config['imagemagick_path'] = "/usr/bin/"; // Directory where the command "convert" is located $config['picture_quality'] = 100; // Picture quality in %. 100% is best quality. $config['filetypes'] = array("jpg", "jpeg", "gif", "png", "bmp"); // Allowed filetypes $config['thumb_method'] = "gd2"; // GD >= 2.0.1. True color! $config['thumb_width_'] = "$album_thumb"; $config['picture_width'] = "$album_norm"; $config['max_width'] = "$album_max"; $config['max_width_frame'] = "640"; ?> Login
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