Patmos – the island of the Apocalypse or Jerusalem of the Aegean – as it is internationally known, is a unique destination that combines both mysticism and devotion with the cosmopolitan character that each of its noble edge offers, inviting you on a journey of endless and varied experiences. The island where Saint John the Theologian wrote the holy book of Revelation and Saint Christodoulos founded the Monastery of St. John is one of the most important religious destinations worldwide, while at the same time it impresses with its immense natural beauty, its rich cultural tradition, its picturesque villages and coves, and the multitude of tourist activities that calls the traveller in a revelation trip. The traditional white color, the houses and alleys of Hora (World Heritage of Unesco), the three windmills on the island, nightlife in the picturesque port of Skala and the cosmopolitan town(Hora), the paths and routes that visitors can follow, the idyllic landscape, the beautiful beaches and the surrounding islets all harmoniously combined, make up an ideal tourist destination that will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.